Moline Kronberg cleaners

We speak with Marcello and Patricia Rodio, owners of Moline Kronberg Drycleaners of Distinction. If you have treasured keepsakes or vintage clothes and costumes Moline Kronberg is the place to bring them. Something special is always going on at their shop. They run one of the most exacting and meticulous cleaning services available. Marcello Rodio was born into the business as a boy on Staten Island, and Patricia's family was also involved in the biz and then she married into it as well! They're originally from South America but they've been here for quite a few decades. Their business is a treasured institution in town.

AIR DATE: 10/20/19


Montclair Brewery

We speak with Denise Ford Sawadogo and her husband Leo Sawadogo. In the last year, they launched Montclair Brewery on Walnut Street here in Montclair. Leo has a lifetime of experience brewing beer with his family in his home in the West of Africa. Leo’s background also includes being a creator and owner of a small, trendy bar and restaurant for 8 years, in his hometown of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in West Africa. Leo’s background also includes being a radio personality and journalist at one of the first FM stations in his hometown.

His wife, Denise, has degrees in fashion, merchandising and marketing so she keeps busy in both her day job as a marketing pro and then gets out the word on brewing and runs the business side of the brewery on nights and weekends and every other moment that she isn't mothering her active, sports-loving son. Their business on Walnut Street has quickly become a sort of living room to many Montclairons, who bring their laptop and a sandwich to eat while sipping a brew, working remotely or just talking to neighbors.

AIR DATE: 10/6/19



We speak with Jazz House Kids board member Susan Gifford and her husband Chris.  These Montclair residents have been extremely active with Jazz House Kids and the Montclair Jazz Festival,  which is celebrating 10 years this year! The Festival runs through August 10th featuring over 250 incredible musicians like the six-time Grammy Award winner Christian McBride, the spouse of Melissa Walker who founded Jazz House Kids. Together they’ve built the Montclair Jazz Festival which this year will feature artists like Bettye Lavette, Eddie Palmieri, Mark Whitfield and Quincy Phillips, and of course, the amazing Jazz House Kids, just to name a few.  The festival is being held in venues throughout the town - with the grand finale concert happening on Sunday August 10th from noon until 9pm at Nishuane Park.

AIR DATE: 7/28/19


Gelati by Mike

We speak with Mike Guerriero of Gelati by Mike, formerly Gelotti on Bloomfield Avenue, who tells us how he came to build several gelato shops in our area. He takes us through the dramatic story of his highs and lows as he navigated his way from an arrogant kid working a summer job to a seasoned shop manager and finally, to a successful partnership in a thriving chain of local businesses centered around the delicious award-winning gelato that he has learned to craft.

AIR DATE: 7/21/19



We speak with Dr. Michelle Aristizabal, an obstetrician and gynecologist who founded Wombkeepers, a maternity wellness center on Valley Road. She shares why she wanted to build her own OB-GYN practice, how she ended up working alongside her mother, the role your partner plays in your health, and how centering a women's autonomy in her birth choices has resulted in her c-section rate being 20% below the national average. As a solo practitioner, she has single-handedly delivered 2,000 of our local babies!

Show Notes:

AIR DATE: 7/14/19



We speak with Meny Vaknin, chef and owner of MishMish on Glenridge Ave, Marcel on Valley Rd, and Luisa on Walnut St (opening this summer). He shares how his love of food was inspired by growing up in a small, Israeli desert town and how his wife introduced him to the Montclair area. He discusses his role on Food Network's Chopped, his chance to work alongside famed chef Daniel Boulud, and what inspired each of his Montclair cafes and restaurants.

Show Notes:

AIR DATE: 7/7/19


COPE Center

We speak with Sue Seidenfeld of COPE Center, Inc. COPE Center is a non-profit agency that strengthens communities by helping people overcome challenges with drugs, alcohol, family issues, and HIV/AIDS. Its four tenets — Counseling, Outreach, Prevention, and Education — spell out COPE.

Since 1971, they have provided adolescent counseling, alcohol & substance abuse counseling and programs for adolescents and adults as well as family counseling and parenting workshops and many other services for people with HIV/AIDS, mental health issues and Veterans. They serve all sectors of the Montclair population from youth at risk & the working poor to families dealing with stress, loss of a family member or mental issues that call for outside help or resources.

AIR DATE: 6/30/19


Cool Cat Music Company

We speak with Ken DePoto of Cool Cat Music Company, a business in town that is all about making music every day. As we celebrate Make Music Day here in Montclair, we talk with Ken about opening his new shop and how he and his Dad came to the business. We'll also drop into the music sessions going on at the store on Make Music Day to talk with a few of the talented folks and their listeners who are making music all over town.

AIR DATE: 6/23/19


HELLO toothpaste & oral care products

We speak with Craig Dubitsky, the founder of the fastest growing oral care brand, Hello, born right here in town. In this deep dive interview, Craig shares how a string of coincidences inspired him and his family to move to Montclair and how saying yes to meeting new people led to his involvement with industry-changing companies Method and EOS. Craig drops many colorful puns as he explains his plans to nudge the toothpaste and oral care industry towards a friendlier future.

Show Notes:

  • The cautionary tale of Juicero was mentioned in the interview.

    AIR DATE: 6/16/19


montclair farmers market

We speak with Andrew Myszkowski, the market manager of the Montclair Farmers' Market, as well as tours the tents, speaking with some of the farmers and artisans who supply our town with their delicious food.

In 1993, there were only three farmers’ markets in all of northern New Jersey. But that year, Montclair resident Grey Russell organized a support coalition and a committed group of residents got together and founded the Montclair Farmers’ Market, which is now in its 27th season. 

Today, there are over one hundred farmer's markets around the state but the Montclair Farmers’ Market is one of the busiest, most exciting, and most successful markets in the state. Most all of the familiar farmers have returned again this season, with produce usually picked within 24 hours; most of which are grown or prepared right here in the Garden State.

This year’s market boasts more than a dozen delicious food artisans as well. 

AIR DATE: 6/9/19



We speak with Melissa Adler (owner of Dirt & Noise) and Brittany DeMaio (owner of Little Nest), the co-founders of the Family Jam festival, previously known as Kidchella. They share how they became friends inspired to create a local festival, what's behind their festival's name change, and what they have both learned as downtown business owners.


Saveur Creole

We speak with Saveur Creole restaurant owner Ron Mompoint. Ron emigrated to this country from Haiti with his parents when he was young. He found a good life in America, going to college and finding a great job, having children and settling in New Jersey.  But he always had a passion for the food of his homeland and longed for a place to show off Haitian hospitality and give New Jersey residents a taste of Haitian cuisine. So 14 years ago he opened Saveur Creole, which celebrates the vibrant Creole cooking of his homeland. His restaurant has been an elegant outpost of Creole cooking ever since.

AIR DATE: 6/2/19


Montclair African American Heritage Foundation and Parade

We speak with Bonni Taylor, Co-Committee Chair with Al Pelham of the Montclair African American Heritage Foundation Parade and Festival. This event is the highlight of the foundation's year and contributes to its mission of sharing black culture for others to experience and learn. Not just people outside black culture, but the black community as well. We talk with Bonnie about the organization and their annual festival that happens the first weekend of every June. The foundation of this event and of the MAAHPF as a whole is not just to celebrate but to educate Montclair about African American culture. It's a fun event that delivers a great time for everyone!

AIR DATE: 5/29/19



We speak with restaurant owners Marshall Diebold and Iliana Parvizi. of restaurant  Halcyon. Originally opened with Egan & Sons by local couple Sharon and Chris Eagan, we'll hear how Marshall and Ileana went from being close friends who bartended and managed the restaurant, to a romantic couple who now own the restaurant and have made it a mainstay on Walnut Street.

AIR DATE: 5/26/19


Montclair Bounce

We speak with Ann Mernin and Elly Meeks, co-founders of Montclair Bounce, a new festival of optimism and resilience, about what sparked their idea, how the community has been involved, and what to expect from this inaugural festival.

Show Notes:

  • Community guide developed with Held Grief Massage (on Church St) for resources on coping, grief, suicide, and mental health

  • Elly mentioned the art projects of JR and David Byrne

AIR DATE: 5/22/19


Doddle & Co

We speak with Nicki Radzely of Doddle & Co on how many prototypes it finally took to create a pacifier that popped when it dropped, how she landed on SharkTank, and what she really thinks about the label mompreneur. She also shares how to sign up to be a product tester to test the new ideas Doddle & Co are bringing to life.

Show Notes:

AIR DATE: 5/20/19


The Little Daisy Bake Shop

We speak with Jen Snyder, owner of The Little Daisy Bake Shop in Upper Montclair. Jen opened the doors to her Valley Road bake shop 8 years ago and started filling the streets with the scent of cinnamon and sweet treats.  We celebrate Mother’s Day with the story of Jen, who is a wife and mom of two.  Find out how she decided to take her passion for baking and turn it into a business.

The bakery which happens to be peanut and nut free, is known for its daily fresh baked goodness and its creative special orders.  You’ll hear how Jen, an Oregon native, left behind her career to raise her kids and realize her dream.  And you’ll also hear about the treat you can’t leave the shop without!

* Jen Attended COOKIECON and writes about it on her blog 

AIR DATE: 5/12/19


Dolce Federica

We speak with Federica Heiman, owner of Dolce Federica. We hear about her journey from amateur pastry novice to chocolate expert, sourcing her ingredients internationally and putting her own unique combinations of flavours into making her signature bon bons and chocolate candies. 

AIR DATE: 5/5/19


Montclair Film (Part 3): Education

1We speak with the educators behind those beautiful glass doors on Bloomfield Avenue.  In the conclusion to our special series on Montclair Film, Jo speaks with Sue Hollenberg, Montclair Film's Education Director, the woman who brings us all of those great classes for kids and adults.  Find out what Sue has on the schedule plus the very special campaign Montclair Film has launched that'll have you doing something kind for a stranger today. You'll also hear from writer and director Gary Rudoren, Montclair Film's Improv class instructor, and from one of his students who happens to be a familiar voice around town - Ruthie Perretti of Montclair's famous Ruthie's BBQ.  And for all those voiceover wannnabe's - get the inside track from another Montclair Film instructor, the Emmy award winning actress and voice over artist Claudine Ohayon whose commercials you will most likely recognize.  

Montclair Film Festival 2019 kicks off this Friday!

AIR DATE 5/1/19


Montclair Film (Part 2): Local filmmakers

We speak with three of this year's Montclair Film Festival filmmakers, all residents of Montclair. 

First up, we talk to new Montclairian Maureen Towey - about making a film inspired by one of her radical community-based theater projects She has directed live theater and many interactive live performances with Arcade Fire, Ray LaMontagne, and Esperanza Spaulding. Then we speak with Susan Skoog, who has had several of her moving narrative films presented in the festival over the years.  A mentor to many young filmmakers, Susan also teaches at Montclair State University. Finally, we'll speak with Emmy Award winner Steve McCarthy, a veteran journalist, and filmmaker who has pursued impactful stories for over 30 years through television and documentary film.

AIR DATE: 4/24/19


Montclair Film (Part 1): Executive Director Tom Hall

We speak with with Tom Hall, Executive Director at Montclair Film.  The Film Festival which is in its 8th year, debuts May 3rd.  Tom arrived to Montclair Film almost 5 years ago, via Nantucket, Newport, Sarasota and the Hamptons Film Festivals.  Now he and his team have sifted through 1000 films to create a collection that he knows will be well-received in Montclair.  Find out what special events and celebrities you can look forward to this year as well as why Tom decided to open the festival with “Wild Rose” starring Jessie Buckley.

AIR DATE: 4/21/19

Show Notes:


Amie Blumberg Coaching

We speak with Montclair resident Amie Blumberg, a Senior Executive and Leadership Coach, of Amie Blumberg Coaching.  For 30 years. Amie worked in the fashion and retail industries where she held executive level positions at luxury brands like Ralph Lauren, Liz Claiborne and Bloomingdales. Amie began to learn skills that without knowing it, would create a very different future.  A victim of downsizing, she took those skills to set off in an entirely different direction. Now Amie uses her experience to help clients realize their dreams and achieve their fullest potential.

AIR DATE: 4/14/19


Culture Artisan Clothing

We speak with Kent Daniel as he launches his new line of clothing, Culture Artisan Clothing, and about his journey in the world of fashion design.  This episode is an inspiration for all creatives and fashionistas looking to find their way in their business. There will be ups and downs but throughout, a positive message about how to stay on track when life throws you for a loop. 

AIR DATE: 4/7/19


Sigrid Nunez

We bring you Part 3 of our Montclair Literary Festival Panel Series with Sigrid Nunez:

In this episode, we listen to an interview with author Sigrid Nunez and her editor Sarah McGrath as they discuss her new book, The Friend at Montclair's Literature Festival during this past month. It is a National Book Award-winning novel, a moving story of love, friendship, grief, healing, and the magical bond between a woman and her dog.

Sigrid Nunez has published seven novels. Sigrid’s honors and awards include a Whiting Writer’s Award, a Berlin Prize Fellowship, and two awards from the American Academy of Arts and Letters: the Rosenthal Foundation Award and the Rome Prize in Literature. The Friend won the 2018 National Book Award. She has taught at Columbia, Princeton, Boston University, and the New School, and has been a visiting writer or writer in residence at Amherst, Smith, Baruch, Vassar, and the University of California, Irvine, among others.

AIR DATE: 3/31/19


Nathan Englander

We bring you Part 2 of our Montclair Literary Festival Panel Series with Nathan Englander:

Fiction writer Julie Orringer talks with Nathan Englander at last month's Montclair Literary Festival about his latest book, Nathan Englander is the author of the novels Dinner at the Center of the Earth and The Ministry of Special Cases. He was the 2012 recipient of the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award and a finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for What We Talk About.  

Translated into twenty languages, Englander was selected as one of “20 Writers for the 21st Century” by The New Yorker, received a Guggenheim Fellowship, a PEN/Malamud Award, the Bard Fiction Prize, and the Sue Kaufman Prize from the American Academy of Arts & Letters.  He is Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at New York University and lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and daughter.

AIR DATE: 3/31/19


Joyce Carol Oates

We were there at the Montclair Literary Festival this past week and were lucky enough to be in the room for Jonathan Santlofer's interview with Joyce Carol Oates. 

Joyce Carol Oates is a recipient of the National Medal of Humanities, the National Book Critics Circle Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award, the National Book Award, and the PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in Short Fiction, and has been several times nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. She has written some of the most enduring fiction of our time, including the national bestsellers We Were the Mulvaneys, Blonde, which was nominated for the National Book Award, and the New York Times bestseller The Falls, which won the 2005 Prix Femina. Her most recent novel is The Hazards of Time Travel. She is the Roger S. Berlind Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at Princeton University.

Jonathan Santlofer is an author and noted artist. He is the author of five best-selling novels. The latest is The Widowers Notebook.

AIR DATE: 3/31/19



We speak with Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry otherwise known as The Book Doctors.  The Montclair couple pooled their talents to start a company in an industry they know a lot about - publishing.  Between them, Eckstut, a former literary agent and Sterry, an actor, comic and author, have written more than two dozen books.  So it was only natural the two start a company that provides workshops to help others take their stories from a blank piece of paper to a published book.  Find out why The Book Doctors chose to settle in Montclair and what you need to know if you think you have a book in you.

AIR DATE: 3/24/19

Show Notes:

  • David Henry Sterry: Writer — Book Doctor — Activist — International Man of Mystery

  • David is the best-selling author of 16 books.  

  • Arielle Eckstut: Writer - Book Doctor - Co-Founder of

  • Arielle has been a literary agent for over 25 years at The Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency.

  • Holding a Master Class on getting published, Sunday, March 24th 10a-1p at 11 Pine Street

  • David's one man show was based off his memoir Chicken: was the number one show in the United Kingdom for its entire run at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival, Fringe by The Independent.

  • Arielle and David are co-authors of  The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published“A must-have for every aspiring writer.” – Khaled Hosseini, and The Kite Runner

  • The Book Doctors have a YouTube channel where they post a video every week about the ins and outs and nuts and bolts of getting successfully published.  And they have fun doing it!

  • They can be found on Instagram   Facebook  Twitter

  • Bonus Time by James LaMarca


Christina Baker Kline

We speak with writer Christina Baker Kline. She will be one of the featured authors in this week’s Montclair Literary Festival discussing her new novel,  a piece of the world. Christina has also written five non-fiction books and seven novels including the NY Times best-selling Orphan Train

A former citizen of Montclair, Christina has often written on the feminist perspective and on women’s issues. Her essays, articles, and reviews have appeared in The New York Times Book Review, and The Yale Review, among other places.

AIR DATE: 3/20/19


Richard Thompson

We speak with legendary folk-rock guitarist, singer and songwriter Richard Thompson. He’s a brilliant guitarist, a witty and articulate lyricist and storyteller, and a frequent innovator. His career started with the folk-rock band Fairport Convention in 1967 and he has toured, recorded and headlined with Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, Don Henly, David Byrne, and Elvis Costello. We talk with him about his career and about his upcoming book Beeswing: Britain, Folk Rock and the End of the 60's.

AIR DATE: 3/17/19


Zara Phillips

We speak with Zara Phillips who will be a featured guest at this years Montclair Literary Festival. She talks with Margo about her career as a young woman as a backing singer with many musical acts, including Bob Geldof, Matt Bianco, Nick Kamen, David Essex and John Illsley. 

She talks about her work speaking about adoption and her new book “Somebody’s Daughter--- A moving journey of discovery, recovery and adoption.” in which she shares her journey of being an adopted child in search of her birth mother and a young performer fighting addiction.

AIR DATE: 3/13/19


Montclair Literary Festival

We speak with Jacqueline Mroz and Catherine Platt of the Montclair Literary Festival.  We have an amazingly vibrant arts and culture scene in our town and three years ago, Jacqueline and Catherine created the Montclair Literary Festival to celebrate the love of reading and raise funds for Succeed2gether's academic programs. They tell the story of how they came to create the festival, share with us which famous authors they have on deck for this year's event and what it took to bring this world-class cultural event to our town.

AIR DATED: 3/10/19


Watchung Booksellers

We speak with Margot Sage-El of Watchung Booksellers, famously, the independent bookstore for Montclair that supports and contributes to a thriving literary community, including over 60 published local authors, and uncountable publishing and media professionals. They are fierce supporters of the community, contributing to and working with local schools serving our children, the Montclair Public Library, the Montclair Fund for Eductional Excellence and the Adult School of Montclair.

AIR DATE: 3/3/19


Jacklyn kling distinctive framework

We speak with Jacklyn Kling of Jacklyn Kling Distinctive Framework & Gallery  located in Montclair for over 30 years. She and her husband, Roger, are both devoted to fine art and trained in the best conservation techniques and methods.  When visiting their shop, you are surrounded by high quality art and framing craftsmanship.  We get some insights on her family’s craft and learn some tips and secrets for perfect framing!

AIR DATE: 2/24/19


Well Made Nutrition

We speak with Montclair State Universtiy alum Chelsea Caravella, owner of Well Made Nutrition. She shares what inspired her to create a plant-based nutrition practice designed to teach individuals to "love the food that loves them back," and how even vegans can find places to eat with their carnivore boyfriends in the restaurants around Montclair.

Show Notes:

AIR DATE: 2/17/19



We sit down with Vanillamore’s chef and owner, Risa Magid Boyer. Risa grew up in Northern New Jersey thinking she would be a graphic artist one day.  But while a student at Northeastern University in Boston, something made Risa completely change her path.  Now Risa shares the story of why she created Vanillamore and what’s behind the design. 

Show Notes:

  • Risa Magid Boyer is a New Jersey native who originally went to Northeastern University for graphic design.

  • A part time job led Risa to the Culinary Institute of America.

  • Vanillamore is a family affair.  Her parents and husband can often be found lending a helping hand.

  • On Thursday, January 17th they’ll hold a 5 course chef’s tasting menu.  Reservations required.

  • Every Tuesday 5% of Vanillamore’s sales are donated to the MFEE (Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence)!

    AIR DATE: 2/10/19



We speak with Oscar Shorts Film Festival founders producers, Corinna Sager and Jeanne Reilly about what inspired them to bring awareness to short films.This year's festival, called Celebrate the Underdog, starts at 10 am on Saturday, February 16th at The Buzz Aldrin School.

AIR DATE: 2/3/19



We speak with Tracey Diamond of Tracey Diamond Designs.  Tracey has run her own business in graphic design, branding and social media here in Montclair for the last ten years, helping others in this town and beyond. To us she is our co-worker and friend who has contributed so much to the success of Podclair by shaping our brand that we thought we'd have her share her knowledge with you, our viewers, as we discuss the fast changing business environment of today's retail and marketing world. 

She also let's us in on what the future holds as she pursues her artistic aspirations!

Show Notes:



We speak with Kika Wise of Kika’s Stretch Studios.  Kika talks about how her dancing career and a little over $300 led her to become the franchise queen of stretch.  All it took was a dream, determination and a lot of moxie.  Now the mother of one - with another one on the way - runs two of her own studios and has franchised a handful of others around New Jersey as well as other states around the country.

Show Notes:



We speak with Montclair native Jonathan Lindener, aka Jonathan the Balloon Man and owner of The Light Closet in Upper Montclair.  It’s called the Light Closet because Jonathan can repair almost any light fixture, but he's probably most famous for his balloons for children’s birthday parties, backyard bashes, and school events.  When we were in his shop talking with him, Jonathan was getting ready to provide the Wellmont with more than 700 balloons for their New Year’s Eve balloon drop!

Show Notes:

  • Grew up in Montclair

  • Rides his bike to work, rain, sleet, sun or snow

  • Fixes all kinds of lamps and light fixtures

  • Supplied the Wellmont with their New Year’s Eve Balloon drop

  • Can help with onsite set-ups

  • View Jonathan’s creations on his website plus follow on Facebook and Instagram

    AIR DATE: 1/13/19



We speak with Ariana Hoffman and Linda Kessler of The Unique Canvas, a local collective formed between interior design and abstract modern art. They speak about their previous careers and how they found fulfillment with their current creative business endeavor

Show Notes:

  • Coming Soon

    AIR DATE: 1/6/19



We speak with Izabelle the Amazing, the self-described "sonic surfer and human light show." As Montclair's own professional hoola hooper, you may have seen her throughout the year performing in local festivals and parades around town. She shares what led her into both hoola and fire hooping and the invaluable lessons she's learned about the risky business of being a small business owner.

Show Notes:



We speak with Ramel Ramnarine and Anthony Corona of Modclair, now in its second location on Valley Road. The duo discusses how they decided to open their showroom in Montclair, how they work to take their client's creativity to the max, and share some of their own favorite spots in town.

Show Notes:

  • Coming Soon

    AIR DATE: 12/23/18



We speak with Deborah Furr of Johari on Church St. In three different locations and almost twenty years in Montclair, she shares her experience of working in swimwear, lingerie, and intimates, and why men should be informed about breast cancer as well as women.

Show Notes:



We speak with Jumana Jaber, who in 2013, packed up her family, locked up her house, handed a neighbor the key ... and became one of the millions of families to escape Syria. Thanks to the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund, Jumana found work in art and design to Montclair State University. She opened the doors to Watchung Plaza's Le Souk which in the middle east is an outdoor marketplace. She invites guests to gather, sip tea, and enjoy authentic middle eastern treats. She also fills the shop with beautiful imported gifts from Syria, Turkey and Morocco.

Show Notes:

  • Click here to help Bloom Childcare and Coworking expand to more locations

    AIR DATE: 12/9/18



We speak with Arlinda McIntosh owner and designer of Sofistafunk, a local, zero-waste skirt and clothing company currently at the Hampton House pop-up shop through the holidays and Roz Connolly, owner of CoCo: An Experience, a clothing store on Bellevue Ave now in its twentieth year who was the first store to purchase Arlinda's designs 17 years ago. 

Check out this episode's show notes (coming soon) for more on these creative women.

Show Notes:


Toni’s kitchen

We speak with Ann Mernin of Toni's Kitchen, which operates out of St. Luke's Episcopal Church 364 days a year. Ann shares how she got involved with the kitchen, what it takes to meet the needs of our local food insecure residents - and who Toni was in the first place.

Show Notes:

  • Consider a donation to Toni's before 12/31/18 as all donations will be doubled!

  • Donate backpack food here

  • Use this flyer to hold a food drive 

  • To volunteer click here

    AIR DATE: 11/24/18


bark & truffle

We speak with Judith Antelman founder of Bark and Truffle, a local, small-batch, organic specialty truffle and chocolate bark company inspired by her travels to France. This Montclair resident told us all about her adventures in chocolates, traveling, and how she came to Montclair "for a year" and, twenty years later, hasn't left.

Show Notes:


ray’s luncheonette

We speak with Angelica Flores, owner of Ray's Luncheonette on the corner of North Willow and Walnut St. Serving Montclair for over 40 years, Angelica shares how she bought the cafe from her uncle, finished her college degree, and passionately contributes to humanitarian hurricane relief. 

Show Notes:


fleet feet sports

We speak with Dawn and John Fabbro, owners of Fleet Feet Sports on Bloomfield and Midland Avenues. They share how they met and turned their love of fitness and movement into a thirty year-old business along our main drag. Best of luck to our Montclair marathoners today!

AIR DATE: 11/4/18


designing buzz panel - Montclair Design Week

In our final episode of our design week series, we offer a live recording of the Designing Buzz panel. Moderated by Montclair resident and CBS News anchor Jim Axelrod on October 21st, 2018, the panelists include all of the founders of our local festivals to share behind-the-scenes of how their festivals got off the ground and what inspires them to keep going.

Show Notes:


joyist - montclair design week

In our eighth episode of our Montclair Design Week series, we speak with Kacy Erdelyi owner of Joyist an organic functional foods cafe on Valley Road. She discusses her experience from her career in marketing to owning a small business. During design week she is co-sponsoring the Living You Workshop with Chelsea Square and hosted by Blanche Garcia of B. Garcia Designs and author of Empowered Design. 

Show Notes:


qwell & wellness for makers - montclair design week

In our seventh episode of our design week series, we speak with two co-founders of Qwell Meditation and Wellness Center and Missy Graff Ballone owner of Wellness for Makers about their upcoming workshop on Creating Consistent Wellness.

AIR DATE: 10/23/18


fellsbridge guided tour (Pt 2)- montclair design week

Welcome to Podclair’s first podcast -guided tour of buildings and homes around Montclair Center hosted by Frank Gerard Godlewski of Fellsbridge Studios. In today’s show we start at Van Vleck, pass The George, the art museum, Crane House, Gates Mansion, down Llewelyn, along Elm, and conclude up at Lackawanna Plaza. For those attending our live event on October 21, 2018, be sure to meet Frank in person for a Q & A at the Glenridge Parklet starting at 9 am. For more about our town’s hidden history, check out our Part 1 episode that is a companion to this tour.

AIR DATE: 10/21/18


Fellsbridge studio llc (pt 1) - montclair design week

In our sixth episode of our Montclair Design Week series, we speak with Frank Gerard Godlweski, Montclair native and owner of Fellsbridge Studio, whose services include design, architecture, fine art production, event and cultural planning, and restoration. This episode serves as Part 1 to our subsequent podcast-guided walking tour around Montclair Center and includes incredible, and sometimes little known, history about what has become Montclair as we know it today. 

Show Notes:


the village & everyday order - montclair design week

In our fifth episode of our design week series, we speak with Alex Pavel, owner of The Village, and Laura Bostrom, owner of Everyday Order who are collaborating on a A Playroom Theory, a free workshop on 10/23 to show ways of designing a creative yet organized play space for kids. Alex discusses being raised in Montclair, finding an interest in family-based design, closing Apple Village and re-opening as The Village in a new location. Laura talks about her route from dental hygienist to professional organizer and how her clients fare on their own after she’s helped them organize.

Show Notes:


java love, riverbend coaching & content matters -Montclair design week

In our fourth episode of our design week series, we delve into the AC2 Awards. After an open call for nominations last month, we reveal the complete list of nominees and discuss with the co-chairs, Julie Harris* and Jennifer Rittner, how they came up with a new twist on an awards ceremony. We also speak with Kristine Ellis-Pitrik co-owner of Java Love who will be moderating the 'Designing Spark' panel where select recognized nominees will be revealed at the event on 10/21 during design week.

(*Note: Julie's segment was pre-recorded a few months ago as one of our very first recordings and focuses on the evolution of her consulting company. Excuse interruptions from a certain nearby toddler!)

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AIR DATE: 10/17/18


yoga mechanics & mr and mrs kitts

In this third episode of our Montclair Design Week series, we speak with Daryl Ferrara and Omni Kitts Ferrara, owners of Yoga Mechanics, Montclair's longest-standing yoga studio. Cameo by Omni's parents, Rick Kitts and Whitney Rau Kitts, recently retired from nearly 30 years teaching dance and performing arts in Glenfield Middle School and MKA, and who were an early influence for Omni's eventual career.

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local coffee & pico design

In this second episode of our Montclair Design Week series, we uncover what Design Dens are, where they take place, and who is behind them. We speak with Andrea Panico, the design den coordinator and owner of Pico Designs, a modern architectural jewelry company based in Montclair. We also speak with Robert Genovese, one of the den facilitators, about his ten-year journey to open Local Coffee Shop in Watchung Plaza.

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AIR DATE: 10/11/18


montclair design week team

In our first episode of our Montclair Design Week series, we speak with some of the designers, makers, and shakers behind the inaugural team. We find out who are they, what makes them so passionate about the role of design in our town, and which events they look forward to attending.

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We speak with Petia Morozov of MADLAB architecture and design. After co-owning her business for the last 15 years, this Montclair native began dreaming of a Montclair Design Week and we speak with her about how she's gotten the idea off the ground.

Show Notes:

  • Below are some of MADLAB’s local projects:

  • Click here to learn more about the inaugural Design Week

    AIR DATE: 10/7/18



We speak with Marcia Marley, executive director and president of Succeed2gether. Succeed2gether addresses the educational achievement gap by providing free enrichment and academic programs from their offices on 11 Pine St and the main branch library. A non-profit that's been in Montclair for a decade, Succeed2gether also founded the annual Montclair Literary Festival, now in its third year.

Show Notes:

  • On October 23rd, 2018 Succeed2gether is hosting a fundraiser (tickets are $40) with New York Times columnist, bestselling author and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman

  • Book Buddies help middle schoolers find ways to enjoy reading

  • Succeed2gether serves over 240 local students. To volunteer as a tutor, click here

  • Writers, editors, publishers, anyone with a passion for books: submit your event proposal for Succeed2gether’s Montclair Literary Festival, March 21-24, 2019! The event can be a panel discussion, solo book talk, reading, masterclass etc. aimed at adults, children, or YA audiences.

    AIR DATE: 9/30/18


college application camp

We speak with Pat Berry, a college essay coach and founder of College Application Camp, on how she counsels students on applying to college. Her own interest in writing took root in Montclair, where she partly grew up, and after a career in publishing, she settled back here to raise her family and begin a new career as a writing coach.

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Pat’s personal recommendations for college application / essay resources:


fractal science & math academy

We speak with Kevin Anderson, founder of Fractal Science and Math Academy. Kevin shares with us the career journey he took from sports to science to teaching, the real hours needed to be a small business owner, and the most rewarding part about being able to help bring students closer to where they want to go.

Show Notes:

The following are personal recommendations from Kevin:

  • MIT News page to keeps Kevin current with innovations in science

AIR DATE: 9/16/18


sew montclair

We speak with Chelsea Harriman, owner of Sew Montclair on 41 Glenridge Ave, by Bay Street Station.  Chelsea discusses how she started out to become a doctor, but ended up with a long career in fashion and costume design after graduating with a MFA from Rutgers. She raised both her children and her business in Montclair, where she and her husband have decided to stay as empty-nesters.  

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AIR DATE: 9/9/18


chelsea square & freespace dance

We speak with two local entrepreneurs with different kinds of businesses, but are both in the midst of re-branding and shifting direction. Both women are graduates of Montclair State University and they found themselves returning to Montclair to raise their daughters.

KaraLynne Wolf, who grew up here, now owns Chelsea Square and speaks about entering local retail after a career in finance in Miami.  Donna Scro Samori, artistic director of Freespace Dance and head trainer and yoga teacher at Yoga Mechanics, discusses how she started her 14-year old dance company and what she is planning next.

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piccola cucina 98

We speak with Lisa Marie Suriano, owner of Piccola Cucina 98. She shares how her mother-in-law's ravioli inspired her to start the shop in extra kitchen space off of her husband, Elio's, restuarant Corso 98. She reveals how she uses her merchandising background to optimize her cozy space, how she sources and re-creates her authentic Italian recipes, and how she's seen Walnut Street transform over the twenty years she and her husband have been on the block.

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AIR DATE: 8/26/18


angelbeck’s & watchung deli

We speak with Peter Von Hoffman, third generation Montclarion, and owner of Angelbeck's (est 1933) and Watchung Deli (est 1926). He discusses how 9/11 brought him from a career in banking back to his first love of teaching math, which Montclair park he proposed to his high school sweetheart in, and how his son inspired his move into local retail.  

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AIR DATE: 8/19/18


blooms in hand

We speak with Anna Coy, owner of Blooms in Hand, a bouquet subscription delivery serving local restaurants, retail, and residents. Anna discusses how her business began, what drew her to working with flowers, and what keeps her going when life, business, and parenting feel overwhelming.

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AIR DATE: 8/12/18


Dem two hands

We speak with Marion Lake, owner of Dem Two Hands, self described as a boutique "for your eyes to smile." Marion discusses moving here from Brooklyn over twenty-five years ago, how her business almost burned down (literally) before it opened, and how she stays true to her vision of what she wants her store to be.

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AIR DATE: 8/5/18


bivio pizza napolentana

We speak with the owner of Bivio Pizza Napoletana about how his musicianship and neapolitan roots inform his craft of making legendary and authentic wood oven pizza napoletana.

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AIR DATE: 7/29/18


held massage therapy

We speak with the owner of Held Massage Therapy about her inspiration to create a space that supports those experiencing grief, loss, or life transitions. Learn more about grief massage or V-Day, the organization Jess discusses on the show.   

Show Notes:

  • Sign up here for Death Cafe Aug 9, 2018 7 - 8:30 pm hosted by Jess, location TBD.

  • Print designed by Stella, our first episode guest, that was inspired by Jess' interview. All proceeds go toward the Terry Demming Memorial Fund

  • Guide curated by Jess that includes free, local resources, article links, books, podcasts, phone numbers to know, and more.

  • How to help a grieving friend

  • Early grief: simple acts for an unbearable time

AIR DATE: 7/22/18


stellabird creative & montclair riding co.

In our first episode, we speak with a creative solopreneur and Montclair State alum whose work is widely known around town, but you may not yet know her, or the story behind how her artwork appears unexpectedly in familiar places. As a bonus, we also speak with the owner of Motorcyle Riding Co before he closes shop and heads to the West Coast. Sponsored by: Amy Owens Realtor

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podclair trailer

We bravely enter the recording studio to reveal the why behind Podclair!  Conversations happen every day, all over town, that create moments of feeling closer and more connected to our community.  Our podcast is a way to share these collective stories, through the tales of individuals bringing talent and life to Montclair, NJ.  

Every podcast starts somewhere, so in leading up to our first episode, we created a mini-guide to notable first episodes of shows by both national and local podcasters (local shows denoted with *).

First Episode Podcast Mini-Guide: