We all know the best businesses grow by word of mouth — but what about in the digital age dominated by texting, emojis, and bitmojis? After following the stories of Montclair’s businesses and entrepreneurs, we realized we need a visual way to send emojis to our friends of Montclair’s businesses….presenting Podclair’s ‘Clairmoji Keyboard!

Meeting someone for coffee? How about a bite? A movie? Or hitting up a local festival? With the ‘Clairmoji Keyboard, now you can send the logo or bitmoji (animated emoji) of the local business to your friends and family. This helps spread the word about your favorite places and helps support stories brought to you by Podclair.

Right now, we are accepting all businesses in town to be part of our keyboard - the more the merrier! We will be going live first with a pilot on Apple iPhones and then moving on to Android. Businesses can select from a simple logo, a logo plus 4 seasonal images, or go all out and have animated images related to your business (think steam from a coffee cup, bicycle with tires turning, or pizza dough turning in air). Submit the form to the right to begin.